Neonode (Nasdaq:NEON) is a publicly traded company, headquartered in Stockholm. Our key competitive advantage is our proprietary zForce technology based on invisible light.

Neonode  is a global innovation leader in optical interactive sensor technologies. We develop, manufacture and sell advanced sensors for human to machine, and machine to machine, interfaces. Our state-of-the-art technology is becoming increasingly relevant and our addressable market is growing. Today we work closely with the world’s most impressive brands that share our vision to tear down the walls between humans and technology.


Almost three years before the first Apple® mobile phone reached the market, Neonode launched the world’s first finger-based mobile touch phone, the Neonode N1 phone. The N1 was based on proprietary patented zForce optical touch technology and was released to the market in 2004 and attracted a large fan base. The next version, the ultra-slim Neonode N2 phone, was released in 2007 – the year Neonode Inc. listed on Nasdaq.

The Company changed its business model in 2008 to a B2B technology licensing company. Since then, zForce technology is used by equipment and device manufacturers around the world. To date 50+ million products are on the market using the Neonode technology, including over 2 million cars and over 48 million consumer devices. Our customers are some of the largest consumer and Automotive brands including Sony®, Canon®, Samsung®, HP®, Amazon®, LG®, Bosch®, Alpine® and Volvo®.

Building on the experience it has acquired through its extensive licensing business and years of advanced optical R&D, Neonode now offers a new line of zForce embedded sensors, that allow for freedom of design, ease of integration and cost-efficient production.

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