Neonode (Nasdaq:NEON) is a publicly traded company, headquartered in Stockholm. Our key competitive advantage is our proprietary zForce  technology based on invisible light, which enables eliminating the fragile and expensive glass overlay required in capacitive solutions. This allows us to offer low production costs, significantly lower power consumption, enhanced user experience such as speed and accuracy, while providing 100% optical transparency for a clear viewing experience.

Based of zForce technology, we have continued to develop a variety of competitive and original features that senses any type of object capable of determining its size, its pressure on a surface, the depth (3D), the velocity and even its proximity to any type of surface. This feature-set is bundled and trademarked as the Neonode MultiSensing® technologies.

Our MultiSensing technology is suited for any type of consumer and industrial electronic device like mobile phones, tablets and e-readers, toys and gaming consoles, printers, automotive displays, home appliances and wearable tech.  It supports unlimited gestures, multi-touch and sweep navigation.

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