Our best-of-breed solution breaks the limitations of traditional “white goods” knobs and buttons by the convergence of different standard functions with intuitive touch gestures. For home appliances, there is a constant end-user demand for higher performance; greater usability and real-time response with smooth touch navigation, where standard capacitive touch technologies in most cases are too sensitive for electrical noise, too fragile and expensive to implement. Neonode’s solution solves these problems by delivering a state-of-the-art user experience, to the same or lower cost than standard low-performing resistive solutions on today’s market.

  • Real-time responsive touch technology (latency down to 1ms); includes proximity features & real-time gesture
  • Integrated proximity-sensing (air gestures) and multi-finger gestures
  • Extended temperature range (-40C to +85C) and vibration tolerance ranges
  • Water-resistant, including submerged operation
  • Solid-state touch controls, which reduce both production and warranty costs
  • Market-leading low-power consumption; under 1mW
  • Clear, no-glare user interface; no glass overlays required for added usability