Our PC touch solutions can be integrated into products at a significantly lower cost than competing technologies such as projected capacitive, camera based and in-glass optical touch solutions.

All zForce sensing solutions track touch objects at very high speed resulting in a responsive user experience. zForce sensing solutions enable super smooth touch detection of a gliding finger, we call it the “silk effect”. Other competing solutions need a glass on top of the display which creates a sticky non smooth feeling.

  • Microsoft Windows 8/10 Compliant, support for Android™, Linux®, Windows CE® operating systems
  • 50 % lower cost than projected capacitive, in glass or camera based optical touch
  • Industry’s only true edge-to-edge design with zero bezel width
  • No glass/plastic sensor on top of the LCD (100 % transparency and no glare)
  • No color distortion, or moiré pattern problems (no ITO or metal mesh wires)
  • No pressure or direct contact needed
  • Lowest power consumption (less backlight with same brightness)
  • Highest scanning rate (fast report rate, zero latency)
  • Soft smooth touch response
  • Touch can be activated with any object (pen, finger, brush, nail)