Multipurpose Ink Jet and Laser printers require feature-rich menus and settings, and OEMs have increasingly replaced mechanical buttons with resistive touch screen displays. Neonode’s zForce CORE sensing solution now offers an improved user experience, with brighter display, ultra smooth touch, and support for gestures (like swipe to access menus and screens), all without increasing the cost.

Neonode’s zForce CORE sensing technology is the first choice for printers and other office equipment manufacturers because it:

  • Operates on all screen types and provides a crystal-clear viewing experience in any lighting condition, even bright sunlight
  • Operates on LCD with vivid colors
  • Supports high-resolution pen writing in combination with finger navigation that includes, e.g., gestures, multi-touch, and sweeps
  • Can be applied to any surface
  • Touch detection for any object
  • A smooth touch experience with no necessary pressure for touch detection
  • Greater industrial design flexibility