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GSMChoice: Neonode presents a contactless interface

Published February 28, 2013 in News

If you’ve ever dreamed of contactless smartphone use, controling games without touching a touch screen, Neonode solution is right for you. The company, which you may remember as the phone manufacturer engaged in a touch screen interface.

Although the presentation was held at the press release event before the MWC 2013, but it is not recognized as less importatnt in terms of content. Technology, which consists of some kind of gesture has a chance to conquer the world of mobile technology, provided that you will be willing to pay about $ 4 for an extra cover of the phone supporting applications control.

Neonode presentation

In case of a standard interface when moving only through the phone menu, the technology seems to be not very useful, although it looks spectacular, but it is able to demonstrate the real power while using multimedia applications.
Neonode presentation

It is true that in presentation there were copies of iPhone smartphones, but on the technical side there are no obstacles to implement the technology in smartphones with other operating systems. Just slide your finger along one of the sides of the phone, to change the effect into the action on the screen. Technology certainly will be appreciated by everyone who uses the smartphone as a content server for TV or LCD, especially gamers.