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Multisensing® implementations for in-car displays

Among the advantages of Neonode’s Multisensing technology for the automotive industry, are built-in diagnostics that provide a self-reliant system able to communicate, not only the actual touch coordinates, but also alert its operational status to other critical on-board systems. The technology is suitable for in-car displays, infotainment systems and HUD displays. It  enables a brighter, no-glare, more readable display, with a full operating temperature range, that can easily be used with any object – why not a car key?

The Multisensing®  Steering Wheel Technology

Today a large amount of technology is incorporated into new cars. Buttons belonging to on board computerized functions forces the driver to pay attention to other things than the road – which leads to an increasing safety issue, as the driver gets distracted. Neonode’s multisensory steering wheel technology allows the driver to have all functions and full control at their fingertips – without moving the hands from the steering wheel or the eyes from the road. The sensors allow the car to know exactly where on the wheel the driver has his hands in any given moment, interpreting the sensor signals and coordinates. It’s a very scalable and versatile technology, that works perfectly to integrate with your center stack and your head up display – or it may even replace the center stack altogether. It is rugged, very low cost and super scalable.


– Safety first! – Hands on the wheel, eyes on the road.
– Minimizes driver distraction! Lessens the pressure from legislators when new technology is introduced in the car.

– HUD enabler – allows for easy, fast, intuitive, customizable operation of any HUD or HDD solution.
– Center stack – HUD combination – allows for enhancing the center stack combined HUD experience in a totally flexible way.
– Intuitive, flexible HMI.

Cost cut
– Cost effective – scalable, effective HMI toolbox that enables fast introduction of new technology.
– Higher quality and reliability plus lower service, warranty cost and maintenance due to the possibility to have less mechanical buttons and levers.

New design
– Opens up the possibility for new innovative interior design without compromises.

Download presentation: Eyes on the road and hands on the wheel [pdf] 

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