The augmented experience!

As our world becomes increasingly augmented and interconnected, machines and devices become more intuitive. We made it our mission to develop and commercialize the next generation of enhanced user interface solutions, breaking the norm of what is perceived possible. Our original touch technology has emerged from years of design driven innovation, into intense user experiences for mobile phones, tablets, toys, office appliances and the automotive industries.

Discover how effortlessly our failsafe MultisensingTM touch technology performs in harsh environments. In very hot, and in very cold temperatures – and even submerged under water. Find out how you can apply multi-touch, proximity and multi-sensing to virtually any surface and any material, and make it work fast and smooth with any type of object.

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The Automotive Experience!

Today’s car buyer’s high expectations drive the industry demand for reduced design cycles and time to market. We took on the challenge and developed a steering wheel  for the automotive industry, featuring proximity, 3D sensing and multi gestures. It is showcased in close cooperation with Texas Instruments, in their Automotive Experience Zone. A driver can now interact with this next-generation Neonode-powered steering wheel, using gestures to fully control audio, visual, infotainment, and telematics systems. This allows for a whole new HMI (human machine interface) system, that replaces old, traditional buttons and other mechanical input devices, with unlimited gestures and best-of-breed multi-touch functionality.  It is all based on our ready-to-implement, commercialized and patented Multisensing touch technology.

Volvo launched its Sensus Connected Touch at the International CES 2013.

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For more information about Neonode’s automotive solutions, contact:
Gunnar Fröjdh
, VP Sales Automotive
Phone: +46 707 275 555