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Neonode Bluetooth Proximity Sensor, gesture control your iPhone

Published March 3, 2013 in Articles

At Mobile World Congress 2013, a Swedish tech company – Neonode first showed off their Bluetooth Proximity Sensor. The Bluetooth Proximity Sensor can take advantage of the gesture to completely control your iPhone, frees users from the constraints of physical touch by extending an area of influence outside the device itself.

The Bluetooth Proximity Sensor can either be integrated directly into iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile devices or into their accessories (i.e. external cases).

Neonode first demonstrated its tech with a simple, Pong-like app. Instead of controlling the paddle by swiping your finger across the screen, you tapped and held either side of the screen on the pedestal’s surface to influence the paddle’s direction. So, when you want it to move to the right, you tapped and held until it reached the desired point, then raised your finger. It took a moment to adjust to this new system, but once you thought of it like pressing a pair of invisible buttons, it became perfectly normal. Neonode shows a racing game where the steering is controlled using gestures either side of the device.

An app with a simple drum kit provided the final demonstration: Tapping the table simulated the hit of a drumstick, but this time you could vary the position of where you tapped to correspond with the drum or cymbal on the screen you wanted to hit. Because the proximity sensors were mounted in a Bluetooth-connected case, you could remove it and still use it to “play.” It has zero latency, even when the case is more than a meter away from the phone, and each gesture provided an instant response. Its potential use as a wireless gaming controller is obvious.