zForce AIR Touch Sensors

The zForce AIR Touch Sensor is a laser light based touch sensor that can be integrated and used in various applications. The sensor characteristics are high scanning frequency, low latency, good touch accuracy and the fact that it can be used on any display or any surface. zForce AIR Touch Sensor can be connected to the host system through a standard connector and communicate through a standard I2C or USB interface.

zForce AIR Touch Sensors detect and trace objects by detecting diffusely reflected infrared light. The sensor comprises an optical system arranged to combine emitted IR beams and receiver fields of view within the same apertures. IR light beams are emitted perpendicular to the output window, while receivers field of view is centered at a certain angle left and right.

Each emitter-receiver combination covers a narrow region on the active area. An object present in the active area will affect several emitter-receiver channels, and the reported coordinates is the outcome of a center of gravity calculation on these signals.

Main Features

  • Enables touch on any display or any surface
  • Dual touch support
  • High scanning frequency – up to 200Hz or more depending on sensor length
  • Low touch latency
  • High touch accuracy
  • Idle mode for reduced current power consumption
  • Configurable touch active area
  • I2C and USB interface
  • Standard 5V power supply

zForce AIR Touch Sensors are ideal for integration in a wide range of applications, such as: PCs/Tablets, TVs/Monitors, Printers, Mechanical key replacement, White goods, Smart furniture, Interactive mirrors, Elevator panels, eReaders, Instruments, Vending Machines, ATM/POS terminals, Robotics, Range finders, Collision detectors and much more.

The sensors are currently available in 7 lengths, ranges from 122 to 346mm.

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