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zForce AIR Technology Provides a New Way to Interact with Mobile Devices

Discover “touchless touch” proximity devices. The mobile user interface (UI) and device control is no longer confined to the industry standard 4-10” 2-dimensional window. Any angle or surface of your portable device can now be multi-touch and proximity enabled – front, sides and back.

The user experience is extended well beyond the device’s physical borders, and on to the surrounding surface, allowing you to interact with the UI in an intuitive way. This solution is ready to be integrated directly into Android, iPhone and Windows Phone devices or into any smart or feature phone accessory.

Proximity sensing smartphone cover

zForce NEMO Technology for 100% Waterproof Devices

Discover how effortlessly our failsafe zForce NEMO touch technology performs in harsh environments. In very hot, and in very cold temperatures – and even submerged under water. Find out how you can apply multi-touch, proximity and 3D-sensing to virtually any surface and any material, and make it work fast and smooth with any type of object.

Neonode MultiSensing technology for in-car systems

Among the advantages are built-in diagnostics that provide a self-reliant system able to communicate, not only the actual touch coordinates, but also alert its operational status to other critical on-board systems. The technology is suitable for in-car displays, infotainment systems and HUD displays. It  enables a brighter, no-glare, more readable display, with a full operating temperature range, that can easily be used with any object – why not a car key? More about our solution for automotive is found here.