zForce® (zero force) technology overview

Neonode’s zForce optical sensing technology adds value and provides the highest performance for a multitude of devices. We strive to provide the highest level of functionality by adding unique features that only optical technology can realize.

zForce technology offers a variety of competitive and original features that sense any type of object, determine its size, its pressure on a surface, its depth (3D), its velocity and even its proximity to any type of surface.

zForce technology consists of a set of light emitters and detectors, an optical light guide with lenses and a controller IC that is connected to a host. The host runs Neonode´s proprietary embedded software stack and is connected to the controller. The controller IC regulates the light emitters, that emit short pulses of light in an intended sensing/interactive plane. The controller continuously monitors the light that is collected by the detectors and checks the ambient light in order to calibrate the system to work in all light conditions. Objects in the light path of the sensor cause intensity shifts in the received light. This information is used to initiate tracking of the objects. The size and position of each object is reported back to the host. By combining the measured value from a number of detectors, the position and object size are calculated. Compensations are also made for dust and other small particles on the optical surfaces, as well as for variations in component quality.

Being light based means that zForce technology is robust to electrical noise and other electrically conducted interferences and to strong RF sources. Our controller ICs use sophisticated hardware filtering in combination with optical and software filtering to achieve a system that is highly robust to ambient light and other strong light sources.

zForce technology has high scanning frequency, low latency and high accuracy, and operates in a wide temperature range, making it ideal for applications intended for harsh environments.

With zForce technology you enjoy complete freedom of design, ease of integration and cost-efficient production.

zForce AIR

zForce AIR is the latest generation zForce technology, integrating optics and electronics in a thin strip along one side of an intended interactive area, creating a 2-dimensional interactive plane.

Through its innovative use of infrared light, invisible to the human eye, zForce AIR technology interacts with the position and movement of any reflective object within its range. It enables touch interaction on any display or surface, mid-air interaction ranging from sweeping hand motions to multi-finger gesturing, as well as dynamic sensing of any object or environment.

Neonode has a new line of embedded sensor modules incorporating the zForce AIR technology.

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