zForce DRIVE™ Steering Wheel Sensor

The increasing amount of technology being incorporated into cars leads to an increasing safety issue due to driver distraction. zForce DRIVE steering wheel sensor allows the driver to keep both hands on the steering wheel and the eyes on the road.
The sensors allow the car to know exactly where on the wheel the driver has his hands at any given moment. It’s a scalable and versatile HMI toolbox that can integrate seamlessly with the center stack and Head Up Display – or even replace the center stack altogether. This opens up new degrees of freedom for innovative cockpit design and enables a safer and more intuitive user experience.

  • Hands on the wheel, eyes on the road
  • HUD enabler, cost saver, new designs
  • Minimize driver distraction

Entry Systems

Neonode´s MultiSensing technology’s excellent robustness, performance and environmental stability have driven the automotive industry to adopt it for external use. The touch and proximity applications support gloves, multi-touch gestures and are robust with regards to road salt and water. Wise geometrical positioning of sensors with regards to dust and snow build-up makes this the optimal sensing solution for door handles, tailgate entry systems or fuel cap access.

  • Integrate door handles, tailgate sensors
  • High robustness to salt and water
  • On and off surface interaction
  • Glove support

Infotainment Systems

Neonode´s MultiSensing touch and gesture control systems for infotainment can be tailored to fit any display, before or aftermarket. The technology has been developed with automotive requirements on safety, robustness and driver experiences.

Advantages are built-in diagnostics that communicates its operational status to other critical on-board systems. It enables a brighter, no-glare display, with unmatched legibility that can be used with any object – no taking off gloves required!

Neonode MultiSensing technology is operational in full automotive temperature range and light spectrum. Neonode solutions are also compatible with systems for haptic feedback. Gesture detection and controls can be added to any infotainment screen by adding MultiSensing technology.

  • Different solutions to optimize cost and performance
  • No overlay over the display
  • Touch with any object
  • High robustness – automotive qualified, self diagnostics
  • Feedback through bezel, ambient light, and haptic integration

Touch and touchless controls

Both center stack, side-stack, steering wheel buttons and switches, as well as rotary controls can be enhanced or replaced with MultiSensing technology. Adding a touch layer on top of a button based panel will track driver intention and could add an extra dimension to the interaction. Entirely replacing buttons with touch or touchless proximity means cheaper and more hygienic interaction. The lack of moving parts also means a longer life-span and less maintenance.

The ability to interact on any surface opens up entirely new degrees of freedom in the design for experience field – leather, wood, plastic or even marble. Neonode’s technology can also integrate with most systems for haptic feedback.

  • Touch anything – bring interaction technology to all interface controls
  • Add sensing controls to mechanical buttons
  • Soft buttons
  • Gesture and proximity detection
  • Feedback through illumination and haptics

zForce DRIVE™ Services

Neonode offers zForce DRIVE technical consultation, design and development services directly to car manufacturers and part suppliers to integrate Neonode’s award winning sensor technology into their automotive products.

For more information please contact your local Neonode Sales Representative.