Re-inventing Touch. It makes sense®.

The company’s MultiSensing technology provides a far more augmented and profound user experience than the traditional touch solutions today. Based on optical infrared light, our technology also performs with the speed of light. It senses any object and identifies its size, the pressure, depth, speed and even the proximity to any surface. Our original touch technology has emerged from years of design driven innovation, into intense user experiences for mobile phones, tablets, toys, office appliances and the automotive industries.

3D sensing demonstration

It performs with any type of object

Our work process

In addition to the licensing of our patented MultiSensing solutions, we provide services that range from initial concept designs, feasibility studies, industrial design, mechanical design, optical and software design. We support you all the way to mass production.

We design, simulate and verify the optical design parts needed for the system to work, and provide reference schematics for the electrical design. We assist you with adoption of the technology, including full customization and optimization to fulfill your product specifications.

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