This is how it works

zForce touch technology is the Company’s innovative optical 2D touch technology. It gives a number of major advantages compared with traditional touch technologies, like capacitive or resistive. With zForce technology, any type of screen or display can be used. In fact, zForce technology works with any surface – flat, round or any other shape. Another advantage is that any type of object can be used – a finger or a stylus, a car key, fingernails, gloves and ordinary pens.

The basics

zForce technology consists of a set of infrared emitters and detectors, an optical light guide, control electronics and control software. The emitters pulse infrared light just above the touch surface. A change in detected light indicates an object touch. By combining the measured value from more than one detector, the touch position and object size are calculated. zForce technology can be used to identify actions such as gestures and sweeps.

Freedom of design

With zForce technology enabled sensing displays you enjoy complete freedom of design as there is no requirement for glass or plastic film overlays on top of the display window. The result is a 100% optical transparency with improved image quality and reduced glare.

EMC test – Neonode zForce touch technology vs. Apple capacitive touch

…in addition

zForce technology has a touch resolution of 250 DPI which enables precision writing with thin objects such as a pen or a stylus. zForce technology is developed for operating temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C which enables usage in very harsh environments. The control software includes, among other functions, advanced algorithms which calibrate the system by adjusting the power to the emitters. Compensations are made for dust and other small particles on the surface as well as for variation in component quality and ambient light conditions. Calibration is carried out continuously during normal operation and no extra calibration is necessary (either in production or by the end-user).